Meet the Founder

Wicklore is tailored for those who appreciate elegance, minimalism, and conscious living.

After earning a degree in Media and working as a TV/Video Editor in creative production industry and broadcast for over seven years in Leeds - my appreciation for self-care and a minimalist lifestyle grew. Especially after becoming a mother, I found solace in small moments of self-indulgence, often with candles, rediscovering the significance of minimalism.

I always had a passion for hands-on-creativity with a career in visual storytelling and editing, but upon acquiring my first home in early 2022, my attention shifted to home interiors and fragrances as well.

However, after discovering health risks associated with certain candles and fragrances, I sought safe, toxin-free alternatives for indulgent inhalation without compromising well-being of yourself, loved ones, pets and the environment.

As a parent and a cat lover with three adorable feline companions, the passion for home decor and candles took on a deeper significance.

In 2023, Wicklore was born from this desire—to encourage people to return to basics and focus on what truly matters. Our ethos revolves around minimalism and finding clarity.

We prioritise clean, natural, and toxin-free ingredients and returning to focus on what has real value. 

- Rida, Founder

Artisanally Produced Inhouse

Wicklore candles are handcrafted and designed inhouse in the heart of Halifax, West-Yorkshire. Served with minimalistic elegance, each candle is a testament to the art of handcrafting, infused with a whole lot of care and attention to detail. Because every little bit counts when it comes to taking care of those we love.

Ingredients Matter

All our ingredients are carefully sourced from local and ethical and reputable UK suppliers. Our candles use 100% plant-based soy wax, fragrance blends with safe, non-toxic oils, and linen woven cotton wicks. With a touch of time-honoured expertise, we maintain high industry standards to provide the cleanest and safest burning candles - no wax wastage and overwhelming scents, ensuring responsible crafting and eco-friendly packaging. 

All our products are: handcrafted in small batches, natural, toxin-free, have no reproductive toxins, carcinogen-free, bio-degradable, renewable, paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty free, vegan and eco-friendly.

Why Our Candles Are Worth Trying

  • Handrafted in small batches in Halifax, West-Yorkshire.
  • Minimalist and modest design.
  • Premium, 100% natural, plant-based soy wax.
  • All ingredients and solutions sourced in the UK.
  • Clean and even burn: no wax wastage.
  • Burn 60% longer than prominent retail chains.
  • Scents that linger, without being overpowering.
  • Safe and non-toxic fragrance blends with ZERO carcinogens.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients, packaging and solutions.
  • Reusable and UV-light protected vessels.

Our Mission

To find joy in the uncomplicated, improve your sensory response without overwhelming fragrances or excessive features, nurturing your emotional well-being, and cherishing your moments—all while safeguarding yourself, loved ones, pets, and the environment.